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Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 46

75 miles.  Boulder to Bryce City. Tourism is alive and well at Bryce Canyon National Park.   The little towns near the park are all crowded and virtually none of the people are American.  English is hardly heard in the stores and restaurants.  German, Dutch, and French are the primary languages.  I have never see anything like it.  Any rest area or overlook is nothing but European tourists. 
Prices on everything have also gone way up.  Motel rooms started at $135, I passed.  A bad tent site cost me $28.  Rented RV's surround me.  I look like a freak with my little tarp.
  A big all day climb to over 10,000 feet tomorrow. 


  1. It's amazing looking at the map to see how far you have gone and how close you look to be to the finish. Good climbing tomorrow. Like the picture with the shoes in the brush.

  2. A weak dollar is a boon to the those kinds of businesses. Too bad those business owners have to buy gas and food.

    Maybe you should be passing out Tourstop coupons to the tourists. That would make the whole affair deductible as an "unreimbursed business expense."

  3. Some things just aren't about the deductions.

  4. Dennis, you get the "Where's Waldo" prize. I didn't even see the boots!

    Looks like there's a nice shoulder to ride on. Hope you have more of those kinds roads.


  5. I liked the cattle drive of yesterday, I thought maybe there was some cowboy in you. Tom H

  6. Think you will have to continue your blogs when you get home. We've come to depend on them. You're making such good progress! Hope the hills are small and the wind at your back! Travel safe!

  7. Has been nice knowing you, Tom. I see you have gone over the dark side with my brother Andy. Another good capitalistic striver lost to the trail-life.

  8. To Tom H.

    Miles would have roped that calf right from his bike.