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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 50

62 miles.  Baker to Ely.  Climb pass, descend pass, cross valley, repeat.  You do this 12 times to cross Nevada.  There are no days where I pass another town or any other services across the entire state.  Nevada has my least favorite road surface of any state.  Half of the day was on tar with small gravel on top.  When cars go by in the other direction they throw the gravel up at you.  They also use rumble strips on the shoulders so you can't ride on them.   Fortunately the scenery is still beautiful and the traffic has been light.  Four passers to cross tomorrow. 


  1. We are 842 miles from Carson City and will try to be there by Tuesday. Where will you be? It would be GREAT to catch up to you there! Travel safe!!

  2. I think it will take me until Wednesday to make Carson City. I'll see you there.