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Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 53

112 miles.  Austin to Fallon.   I made a big push today so that I could meet my folks in Fallon.  I thought I had been riding in the desert before but today I got to the real desert.  All I saw was sand and rocks for several hours.  I had some nice folks from California  pull up next to me and asked if I wanted some ice water.  They stopped and gave me a liter of water and a cold fresh peach.  More trail magic.  I followed the old pony express trail for a while today.  I will be staying with my folks for the next three nights. 

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  1. 112????Really??? And I thought you were going to take it easy!! Glad you have support for a few days. I don't have phone coverage tonight. At&T working on a tower. :(:(. xoxo