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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 57

67 miles.  Placerville to Davis.  About 40 miles of bike path riding today.  I saw more cyclists in the first 15 minutes than I had on the rest of the trip.  Hundreds of lycra clad, grim faced, carbon fiber riding vegetarians whizzed by in both directions.  I felt like I was driving a garbage truck in the Dayton 500.  No one smiled or waved.  No one ever coasted.  I passed a woman reading a paperback while she was running.  I felt more at home in the Nevada desert. 
I made it to Davis early in the afternoon.  It looks like a nice college town with lots of neat restaurants.  Tomorrow I will ride into Vallejo and then finish up on Monday.            


  1. Just like riding in our's all about the colorful racing outfit.....for a 6 block all out sprint....then a cigarette break

  2. Find the beauty where you can, amongst the crabon riders, pretty unbelievable you are there!across this great big country Tom H