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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 55

63 miles.  Dayton, Nevada to Kirkwood, California.  I said goodbye to my folks at 6:00 and headed to California.  As soon as I crossed the state line the climb up Carson Pass began.  I gained 4500 feet over the next 21 miles.  It never got real steep and turned out to be easier than I had feared.  Going over the top was a great feeling knowing that it was the last big climb I would have.  The Sierras are beautiful.  I am camping near the pass at a gorgeous lake. 


  1. Amazing...look at that map!!!!!! So awesome!!! xoxo

  2. So glad you'll be home soon honey :):)....... The weeds in the back are trees and the shower needs cleaning!!!! Good thing you'll have plenty of time to do chores before going back to work. :):)

  3. Be careful, Deb........He's liable to turn around and head back to Virginia! LOL